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Garden tour

The garden can be visited from April to the end of October.  Please visit in advance. Walks in the garden in agreement with the owner, at the walker's own risk!
It is not possible to visit an unagreed garden!

What to watch and when:

In April   primroses, adonis, lungwort, crocuses, pusquins, bridges, lambs, bright flowers, blue flowers, _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5c Many stone ruins, heaths, stone cress, bear bells, adonis, and grasses also bloom in the rock nursery.
Every day more and more new and new blooms are discovered.

In May , many more spring onions can be seen blooming, in addition to primroses, lung herbs, upgrades, bergens, trigemini, low-growing spring rootstock species, courier cups, epimetums, adonis, snow roses, broken hearts; the rocky ceiling is the most colorful in May.

Irises blooming in June , swordfish, seagulls, lupins, menstrual threats, some species of primroses, more  , gold shoes. Onion flowers bloom, bird's milk, prairie candles and much more.

In July , daylilies, lilies, gooseberries, iron grasses, wagtails, ascites, starbursts, baptistery, maiden eyes, hostas, cluster heads, nurses, monardas, hawthorns, tall primroses, mother roots, daylilies, elderflies begin to bloom.

In August , day lilies, day hats, ghost shoots, phlox, garden lilies, larynx, rooster brushes, helium, resin flowers, Japanese lilies, tradesquants, anchovies continue to bloom.

In September-October   flowering cockscombs, asters, mother roots, autumn crocuses, autumn flowers, alpine pitchers,   lantrose

Visiting fee from 30 EUR per hour, come alone or in groups; for groups from ten people 5 EUR per person! Free for guide, group leader, bus driver. Also free for children up to 19 years (document on age is not required). If you only come to buy plants, then of course there is no visit fee!
Guide service - in a foreign language (English, Russian, Latvian)   added 30.00 EUR / hour

Dear people, understand, this is a home garden and it is not possible to come to our home at any time of the day or week and request it. In the meantime, the garden also needs the hand of the hostess, the planting of flowers, watering, the implementation of new plans and 24/7 I just can't be home!

The tour in the garden lasts about 1.5-2 hours with the hostess Viivi. During this time, it is possible to take a look at the perennials and walk in different parts of the garden. Towards the autumn you can get an idea of the tallest perennials growing in the garden, grasses, in the spring there is a colorful rock plant and low-growing perennials bloom. On the shore of Tiigi  it is also possible to rest on foot or walk around the park, have a picnic.

If you are interested in the soul life of the trees and shrubs growing in the park, the host Ain will visit the park (only by prior arrangement!)

For good regular customers, the garden visit is free and, if desired, also on their own. You are always welcome!

You can buy perennials, grasses, ferns and a little self-propagated tree shrubs from the small sales area.

By prior arrangement it is possible to offer coffee-tea, etc. The garden house can accommodate 14-15 people at a time.

Don't forget you're in the making!
The owner of the garden is not responsible for any inconvenience or bite caused by pollination in the garden, insects or bites caused by insects and other arthropods in the garden, as well as for scratches, bumps, wounds and other walks.
During a visit to the garden, the parents or adult companions of minors are responsible for their activities and health!

Do not bring a dog with you, there is a dog on the farm who may not be friendly with your dog and do not seek friendship with our Reth himself, he does not communicate with strangers!

You can touch and smell the plants if you do not break the flowers or twigs and pick the seeds without permission.
PLEASE DO NOT CLIMBY TO THE BEAUTIFUL, EVERYTHING YOU CAN FEEL BEAUTIFUL, FOR A PICTURE, there may be some microscopic plants growing on the edge of the bed that you can't even notice!
In order to get home alive and well, please do not take a tour in the rock garden, although it may seem very tempting.
Self-portrait photography is allowed.


is an eco-tourism quality label,   recognizing and marketing environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly rural tourism products and services.

Recognized tourism services are characterized by genuine experiences and appreciation of heritage culture.

The EHE label is affixed to a service or set of services for three years, provided that the service or set of services has been on offer for at least one year, there is visitor feedback and other necessary criteria are met.

2017a. In the autumn, our farm was awarded the EHE quality mark Lepiku-Mardi Collection Garden for the service "Visit to the vegetable garden with the hostess"

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GARDEN PEARLS  or GARDEN PEARLS is an EU project for the development of horticultural tourism introducing the beautiful gardens and parks of Estonia and Latvia.

21 garden parks have joined from Estonia and 23 from Latvia.
In addition to the University of Tartu, the project partners from Estonia are MTÜ Estonian Gardens, Pärnumaa Arenduskeskus Foundation, Viljandimaa Arenduskeskus Foundation, Hiiumaa Vocational School, the City of Pärnu and OÜ Sangaste Mõis.

The collection garden of Lepiku-Mardi Farm is also honored to belong to this project.

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